Creating Better Habits for Life

Free Learning Event for the MyGPT Community

Free Learning Event for the MyGPT Community
Have you struggled with changing your habits or keeping your New Year's Resolutions? Happens to the best of us. This webinar will cover a proven technique for helping you to redesign your habits at both work and home. Join Senior Associate Fabrice Guerrier in this webinar and learn why you have the habits you do and how to change them.
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Structure of Habits
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Break the Habit Loop
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 The Power of the Reward
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Analyze some Bad Work Habits
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Add a Reflex Action
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Redesign one of your Habits
This is a small-group interactive experience
and these 60-minute sessions are offered at the following times:

  • Tuesday, March 14, 11:00am EST/4:00pm CET
  • Wednesday, March 15, 9:00am CET/4:00pm SGT
  • Thursday, March 16, 11:00am EST/4:00pm CET

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