Capturing Attention in Your Next Presentation

Free Learning Event for the MyGPT Community

Free Learning Event for the MyGPT Community
Want to Amp Up the Power of your Own Presentations? Have you heard about Storytelling and wondered how you can use it at Work? Creating a really engaging presentation can be difficult, especially if you are delivering it virtually. But with a good framework, you can do this too. GPT Partner, Fabrizio Battaglia, will deliver this engaging webinar and show you how you can apply this framework more in your own work presentations.
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Setting the Stage
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Telling a Good Story
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Wake up Your Audience
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Perfecting your Look
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Time Management
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Ending Strong
This is a small-group interactive experience
and these 60-minute sessions are offered at the following times:

  • Tuesday, July 18, 9:00am CEST/3:00pm SGT
  • Wednesday, July 19, 11:30am CEST/5:30pm SGT
  • Wednesday, July 19, 11:00am EDT/5:00pm CEST

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