Total Customer Focus™ Certification


A Special Combination of Hard and Soft Skills

Research shows that an overwhelming number of employers today feel graduates lack soft skills like critical thinking, communication and adaptability, as well as hard technical skills that certain jobs require. Service demands both hard and soft skills, so when you have someone who is a master of not only the technology, but also people skills, retaining them is a priority. Participants certified in Total Customer Focus™ (TCF) have developed their business relationship skills to the point where they become leaders in their own organization and in their relationships with customers.


Rigorous Training Program Spanning 4-6 Months

The Total Customer Focus™ program lasts 4-6 months with face-to-face workshops that include realistic case studies and role plays. Participants are put in high-pressure simulations that mirror their experiences in the real world. After applying new tools and techniques in TCF workshops, participants work on concrete action plans that they apply in their daily work. Over several months of application in the field, participants receive coaching from TCF experts to support them in overcoming barriers and expanding on their successes.



The Supplier-Customer relationship is skewed. This can be due to something historical, cultural or the balance of powers. And in the B2B space, one of the most important criteria that differentiates you from the competition is the relationship your people in the field have with your customers.

So how can you develop relationships that leave you and your customers feeling good about doing business together after each interaction?

Individuals and organizations that implement Total Customer Focus™ do 3 things:

  1. Become Proactive – Take the lead in the customer relationship and pre-empting any future problems.
  2. Get to Real Needs – Go beyond the technical issue and dealing with the real customer problem by focusing on issues that are not easily perceived.
  3. Achieve Balanced Outcomes – Find solutions that are agreeable and contribute to a sustainable relationship with the customer over the long term.



All certified participants have demonstrated Total Customer Focus™ skills they developed over 4-6 months in a final case study that highlights a particular challenge, their TCF approach and quantifiable business results achieved for both their customer and their own organization.

Typical results include:

For Nokia

  • Fewer Giveaways
  • Lower Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Higher Revenue

For Nokia Customers

  • More Uptime
  • More Output
  • Lower Costs

For service people who can create quantifiable value and transform relationships with customers, look for those certified in Total Customer Focus™.

Notable quotes from participants worldwide

“TCF showed me that I need to transform myself: adapt to listen others first, learn to ask the right questions to get others to express their real concerns, show empathy to others’ worries and issues, apply the Reasonable/Possible Matrix™ to get the best solution in hand, think out the box, and control my emotions – all as a habit and attitude I have to apply daily with the aim to focus my mind in the objective to help, gain confidence and transform issues into solutions.”
Project Manager, US location
    “I feel I approach situations with a cooler mind and more structured thoughts. It also reduces my stress level as I’m in better control of daily conversations/meetings.  I highly recommend TCF.”
    Project Manager, Asia location
      “TCF training brought me a totally different point of view in interpersonal relationships and allowed me to realize my weaknesses and strengths. It gave me the tools to address complex/tough situations, thus I’m more confident when I have to meet such situations. It allows me to create meaningful dialogues with all parties and achieve balanced outcomes.”
      Project Manager, EU location