Preparing for a Difficult Customer Conversation: How to Push Back Constructively

Free Learning Event from Global Partners Training

Free Learning Event from Global Partners Training

GPT Partner, Fabrizio Battaglia, will deliver this engaging webinar and share ways you can be more successful in your customer conversations, especially if you have to push back on something they have proposed or presented. This webinar will refresh you on the TCF tools of the Iceberg, Reasonable/Possible Matrix, and SHAPE/STATE and how to put them together to say NO.
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Preparing Yourself
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Communicating
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 What’s Unreasonable?
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Better Listening
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Guide the Discussion
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Fix the Person or Problem?

This webinar will be a small-group interactive experience with the opportunity to practice the process again.
Two 60-minute sessions are offered at the following times for USA, Europe, and Asia time zones:

  • Wednesday, March 20, 11:00am EST/4:00pm CET
  • Thursday, March 21, 9:00am CET/4:00pm SGT

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