De-escalating Difficult Situations with Customers

Free checklist provides important, effective communication tips

Ever encounter a situation where you needed to de-escalate an issue with a customer? Perhaps even a pressure-packed encounter where emotions are running high?

If you answered, “Of course,” then we should talk about TAUC.

The acronym sounds a little bit like “talk,” but it’s about both talking and listening in specific ways that unlock proven pathways to problem solving. The TAUC model provides a relatively simple communication framework that is highly effective at resolving the customer’s issue, restoring their confidence as quickly as possible and maintaining excellent relationships.

We explain the entire strategy in a quick, downloadable checklist that you can share with engineers or technicians in the field, or anyone on your team whose duties involve customer service and, ultimately, customer success!

De-escalating Difficult Situations with Customers
What Users Are Saying
"Total Customer Focus™ has been uniquely designed to help companies to really embed new behaviors and skill sets within a company’s customer interfacing teams. TCF will set up the culture you need to develop long lasting Trusted Business Partner relationships."

Tony Nazzaro, former VP Customer Service at ASML

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Want to effectively communicate with your customers during intense pressure situations?