Influencing Skills for the Digital Era

Master the Art of Engaging Online Presentations

Master the Art of Engaging Online Presentations


Uncover the keys to becoming an influential presenter with this live training!
In today’s virtual landscape, you’re not just judged by what you say, but also how you say it.
The added pressure of online presentations can be daunting, affecting even the most seasoned presenters.

Like it or not, the world of virtual meetings, trainings, and pitches presents unique challenges, influenced by technology
and distances. Get ready to master the art of online presentations and conquer these virtual hurdles as our GPT Partner,
Fabrizio Battaglia, shares crucial techniques that will empower you to excel in this digital era.

  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Capturing Attention
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Speaking Style
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Use of Contrast
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Rhetoric and Flow
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Strong Content
  • 93BEB5A8-3928-4AE7-BD63-40296A3A1E70 Co-creation

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This webinar will be a small-group interactive experience.
Two 60-minute sessions are offered at the following times for USA, Europe, and Asia time zones:

  • Wednesday, November 1, 11:00am EDT/4:00pm CEST
  • Thursday, November 2, 9:00am CEST/4:00pm SGT

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