The Secret to Wowing Customers & Unlocking New Revenue

Your Service Organization Holds the Key [Free Webinar Series]

Is your service team in the business of simply servicing accounts or delighting your customers?

There’s a big difference — and significant revenue to be claimed by companies that are committed to doing all they can to understand their customers’ “big picture” and help them achieve their most important business objectives.

Welcome to a special webinar series put together by Cambridge, Mass.-based Global Partners Training, a pioneer in the art and science of building enhanced customer relationships that add tremendous value (and revenue!) for both parties.

Join GPT partners Paul Hesselschwerdt and Fabrizio Battaglia as they lead an eye-opening discussion about how to transform your service team from break-fix technicians into proactive problem solvers and trusted business advisers for your most important customers.

The Secret to Wowing Customers & Unlocking New Revenue
"Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company."

Tony Hsieh, Former CEO of Zappos

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There are currently 3 webinars in the series:

Webinar 1 – Unleashing the Revenue Generating Power of Your Service Organization

Webinar 1 explores how to capitalize on the fact that your field service team is an underutilized asset that interacts with customers 10 times more frequently than your sales team. The goal is to equip service professionals to nurture each customer relationship in ways that add real value for both parties. Key concepts here include the incredible value of “relationship equity.” There is even a calculator tool to help you estimate the potential new revenue your company could earn by empowering your service team.

Webinar 2 – The Service Revenue Secret: “Wow” Your Customers!

Webinar 2 takes a deep dive into how to “wow” or delight your customers, using several proactive strategies. Key concepts include:

– The brain science of going beyond expectations with customers and generating an emotional response

– Reimagining how your service techs talk to customers so they can better use their knowledge, and your products and services, to help them achieve success

Webinar 3 – The Service Revenue Secret: Go Below the Waterline!

Webinar 3 introduces the metaphor of the iceberg to suggest that the secret to truly helping customers achieve success lies in discovering issues that are not always readily apparent but that often lurk “below the waterline.” It includes an active listening strategy called the ASQ Model that helps members of your team communicate with customers in smarter, more highly productive ways.

Together, the webinars reveal some of the insightful business-growth strategies that Global Partners Training has developed and perfected over several decades through its next-level customer relationship training and related programs.

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