Empower your employees to lead customer relationships

Your customers’ requirements are changing the roles of product, sales and service personnel. Your front lines are in the best position to influence your revenue by recognizing and recommending up-sell or cross-sell products and services. Our customer relationship training for industrial companies gives your employees the perspective and tools needed to move from “service engineer” to “advisor” to “partner” in the eyes of your customers.

Programs are facilitated by former industry executives who ensure that your employees are able to use our tools and techniques with confidence. GPT’s industrial clients have used our programs to develop processes to commercialize ideas, trigger innovation, and, more broadly, change corporate culture. The mindset shift brought on by our programs injects new energy into companies, resulting in increased job satisfaction and retention.

Key industries using, or great candidates for our programs include:

  • Consumer manufacturing
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Manufacturing controls businesses
  • Capital equipment for manufacturers
  • Capital equipment for utilities
  • Instruments
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals

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