Customer Relationship Building

Train the Trainer Format

Train the Trainer Format

Our leading-edge Service Training and Sales Training programs aim to transform your connections with your most important customers from third-party product/service provider to trusted business advisor.

We can help you accomplish this by equipping key members of your team with advanced communication and customer relationship-building skills that enable your company to understand your customers well enough to contribute ideas and solutions that help them cut expenses and grow revenue.

Since 1990, our certified training facilitators have worked with countless companies to embed key customer relationship-building skills in sales and field service teams across a range of technology and manufacturing companies.

Key Customer Relationship-Building Skills

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Outsourcing, Insourcing, or Both

While many companies today prefer to outsource essential training, others prefer “insourcing” and still others a combination of both. That is why we also offer a Train the Trainer program in which our most experienced master trainers teach select members of your team how to effectively deliver our time-tested, high-value programs throughout your organization.

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Certify Your Trainers

Our Train the Trainer option is built to certify your trainers on the time-tested Global Partners Training system and provide ongoing support and continuous improvement updates. This service includes access to our licensed program content and methodology, including proprietary eLearning and measurement systems.

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Add Value Across Organization

Whether we coach your trainers to add immense value across your organization or train your sales or field service teams directly to achieve the same goal, our programs are carefully customized to your unique business environment — tailored to the most important business objectives and designed to achieve lasting impact.

Key components of these invaluable, in-depth, multifaceted programs include a mix of:

  • Instructor-led training (live in-person in our blended format; live onscreen in our virtual format)
  • Individualized project work on current, real-world customer issues
  • Role plays (live onscreen or live in-person) that emulate impactful job situations
  • Self-paced e-learning
  • Individual and peer coaching opportunities

Highly effective in a wide range of business scenarios and company profiles, our Train the Trainer program may be particularly ideal if:

  • You already have strong in-house training (internal “university”) capabilities
  • You are seeking an “efficiency factor” to train large numbers of employees
  • You have experienced success with the GPT approach and want to incorporate it when onboarding new talent
  • You prefer the idea of having your own trainers or managers deliver the training for any number of reasons

In today’s ever-evolving business environment, at least one thing is certain. Putting in the extra effort to build strong B2B customer relationships is more important than ever. Of course, achieving this is a sure-fire way to grow your business as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Don’t you lose the “magic” that occurs when everyone is in the same room?

    To some degree, yes. It is harder to observe body language or stand up to demonstrate a concept on the fly, for example. However, we have found that by making participants feel less exposed (i.e. less physically exposed, and expected to speak in front of smaller groups), the virtual format can draw learners into the conversation faster, accelerating their learning. There are different benefits to each format.

  • How do you “customize” the Engaging Up Sales Training™ program? Who owns the customizations?

    While the proprietary toolkit used in our standard Engaging Up™ program will be similar for all clients, the experiential and financial acumen components are custom-written based on interviews with key members of your team to achieve the following:

    • Immediate relevance for participants – Your company’s industry niche, products, customers, sales and service structure and culture are unique. During this program, participants will focus on their high value customers and situations in real time, and so they will apply their new skills immediately in their jobs. And even though participants are initially practicing these new skills on a narrow set of current situations, the toolkit will be effective in any sales or service situation they face in the future.
    • Focus on desired business outcomes – Your company goals and training priorities are also incorporated into the guidance we give your participants. For example, a program prioritizing sales generation may be guided quite differently from a program aimed at improving operational situations. Interestingly, regardless of primary emphasis, the Engaging Up™ program is certain to yield positive secondary outcomes for your company to varying degrees.

    While all training materials remain the property of Global Partners Training, customizations are unique and are not shared between clients. Licensed program participants retain lifetime personal use of tangible program materials for ongoing reference.

  • How does the Strategic Account Alignment™ program differ from Strategic Account Management (SAM) Programs ?

    SAM programs focus almost entirely on enabling the strategic account manager to create a set of objectives, strategies and actions that he/she will execute. Research consistently shows, however, that a small percentage of such plans are implemented effectively. The Strategic Account Alignment™ program reflects the reality that a strategic account manager’s role should be to collect information and insights from everyone who interacts with someone within the strategic account. The strategic account manager then needs to align this information and insights and formulate strategies and actions that are aligned and supported by everyone involved in the account – globally. As a result, everyone involved in the account understands their role and contribution towards achieving the account objectives, and results improve significantly.

  • How long does the Strategic Account Alignment™ program take?

    Live training time (workshops and coaching webinars) for a participant in the standard Strategic Account Alignment™ program totals approximately 26 hours, and the complete blended experience is typically spread over a two- to three-month period. This allows time for initial learning and practice, application of new skills on-the-job, iterative feedback and coaching, and demonstration of knowledge and skill acquisition with the completion of the SAA Planning Guide on a real account of each participant’s choosing.

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