About Us


Scalable, turnkey customer relationship training that accelerates business success

In the mid-2000s, Paul Hesselschwerdt and Fabrizio Battaglia developed Total Customer Focus™ enabling a top multinational semiconductor company to fundamentally change their culture and way of working with their most important customers. Since then, we’ve adapted our programs to the languages and cultures of more than 40 countries and refined our core curricula to meet the needs of top companies in an ever-evolving industrial landscape.

As the technology industry migrates to X-as-a-Service business models, our metrics-proven training programs, highly experienced global team, and customized approach make Global Partners Training uniquely capable of delivering global workforce alignment around your critical sales and service objectives.

And our original client? Among other things, we enabled them to reduce their annual out-of-control escalation costs by $6.5 million, and we continue to closely work with them to maintain their position as a leader in their industry.