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We want customers to feel good about doing business with ASML”

ASML, a $9 billion semiconductor capital equipment industry leader, decided to transform their entire service organization to a more customer-focused culture because the business landscape was changing. The Service business at software and hardware vendors is increasingly shifting from Maintenance to Customer Operations and more recently to Customer Success. In order to maintain their competitive edge, technology alone was no longer enough to meet customer needs, and ASML’s VP Service West America reached out to Global Partners Training for a solution.


To meet the challenge, Global Partners Training worked closely with ASML to develop its now flagship Total Customer Focus™ program. After two years of deployment to top and middle management, the program was extended to the Field Service population. The formal Total Customer Focus™ program combines e-Learning with live experiential workshops and online live coaching webinar sessions spread out in time so that participants have a chance to try their new toolkit on the job in an iterative manner and receive coaching from experienced facilitators. By training a critical mass of managers and FSEs in given regions, by teaching and encouraging peer coaching and by observing the successes of the new toolkit, relationship building and positive business impact have become self-reinforcing, and GPT has continued to train thousands of employees globally as ASML has seen excellent growth since the program’s inception.


During this ASML field service training program, results were measured with first-level key metrics, which were directly linked to participant feedback 4-5 months after the beginning of the program. These first-level key metrics included:

  • Reductions in number and duration of escalations
  • Reduction in compensation to customers because of service issues
  • Improved productivity of field service
  • Increased contract wins
  • Increased adoption of new technology and equipment

This data capture was done through the creation of best practice case studies in which participants described the areas where they implemented Total Customer Focus and the results they achieved. To date, participants worldwide have submitted more than 650 cases. Many of these cases describe quantifiable results of millions of dollars in increased revenue and reduced costs.

Notable quotes from participants worldwide

Total Customer Focus™ has been uniquely designed to help companies to really embed new behaviors and skill sets within a company’s customer interfacing teams. TCF will set up the culture you need to develop long lasting Trusted Business Partner relationships.
Tony Nazzaro, former VP Customer Service
    “This is a big change because if I just focused on the work, we could not get a reasonable outcome, and this was not good for our company and me. I started to think about any issue from the customer’s side and our company’s side to get a reasonable outcome.”
    Daekwon, Field Service Engineer, Asia location
      “This training was very useful to help me identify some of the issues with the most difficult part of my job: the communication with all different stakeholders. Although it is hard to implement the techniques we learned immediately, it is still an eye-opener, and it provides a lot of opportunities to improve in the coming year. Main takeaways for me are: Always listen, and you don’t have to always say something to get an answer, just waiting also works.”
      Guus, Field Service Engineer,
      EU location