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Three easy ways to explore the potential of relationship skills training

Three easy ways to explore the potential of relationship skills training

Embed new relationship skills with a clear business purpose

Whether it’s a full pilot or a mini workshop, all GPT program formats have two things in common: They’re customized to your goals and they include an embedding process. These are the keys to realizing effective behavior change and seeing results. Talk with us about your objectives, and we can recommend the program format that will best allow you to try our services and meet your goals.

Custom Pilot Programs

The best way to experience the full effect of our training is to have a group of 10-15 employees go through a complete program. A pilot program allows you to experience the full toolkit and provides us and your leadership team with the feedback needed to fine-tune the program for a full roll out.

Typically, GPT delivers programs to groups who all perform a particular job or work together in some way. For a pilot, we may recommend a mix of roles across your company so various teams can gain experience and provide feedback. Interested in a pilot program? Let’s Talk

Public Programs

Multi-company Public Programs are a terrific way to experience our toolkit on a smaller entry budget. Each experience is customized for the companies and participants in attendance and focused on situations of common interest. Learning alongside participants from two or more companies, you’ll experience the fundamentals of a training program via e-learning, a live workshop, and follow-up online coaching sessions.

Public Programs are also a great way to meet industry peers, learn from other sectors, and get feedback from fresh perspectives. See upcoming events or let’s talk about discussing scheduling an event that is convenient for your company.

Mini Workshops

These highly customized workshops for small and large groups train a particular skill at a deep level. While mini workshops are significantly shorter than a full program, we often pair a one- or two-day live workshop with online coaching sessions for follow-up reinforcement.

Mini workshops are also appropriate for clients who have already experienced our full training programs. You understand our complete toolkit and want an appropriate group of your employees to focus on one or two particular skills. Let’s talk about customizing a mini workshop that makes sense for your team.

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2 Format Options for Your Training Program

You get the ultimate in flexibility with GPT training programs. For each of our industry-leading customer relationship training programs, you can choose between two robust, complementary formats — blended or virtual.

Core knowledge and skill components are the same across both formats, and programs are delivered via: live training led by experienced facilitators (onsite and/or virtual); self-paced e-learning modules; peer coaching and optional individual coaching sessions; and individualized project work and role-play exercises tailored to real company challenges and opportunities.


Blended Format

Distinguished by an impressive track record of building next-generation customer relationship skills that hold the potential to transform your business, our time-tested blended training programs include both face-to-face and virtual components. Notable features of this format: Your team members are “in the room” with the instructor and fellow students. Full-day immersion. Flexibility to shift from blended mode to full virtual mode as conditions change.


Virtual Format

Companies seeking fully virtual training options will want to explore our 100% virtual format. Virtual programs use interactive instructor-led webinars and self-service e-learning modules to lead participants on an exciting learning journey down parallel knowledge and skill tracks. Notable features: Smaller class sizes. Minimal time out of the field. Improved virtual communication skills. Convenience. Potential cost savings.


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