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We set the industry standard for effective, behavior-changing training because we insist that you see measurable business outcomes from our relationship training programs. By following our proven client success process, we ensure you get maximum value for your training investment. Talk with us about your goals and we’ll walk you through how our client success process can lead you to your desired outcomes.


Our partnership with your organization begins with, and is sustained by, listening to where you are and where you want to go. Once we understand your challenges and opportunities via a series of interviews with your key people, we tailor your training program to target exactly what you want to achieve.

Each of our signature programs, Total Customer Focus™, Engaging Up™, or Strategic Account Alignment™, contains a proprietary toolkit that forms the training core. From there, we customize interactive case studies and role play exercises that address your company’s goals, your employees’ roles, your unique business situations and culture. Our training works because participants practice real situations they face every day, supported by facilitators who understand the nuances of challenging business situations.


Once we’ve customized your training, we typically take one group through the full program. While we often deliver programs to small groups who all perform a particular job, in a pilot program we may recommend a mix of roles across the company. Senior management, engineers, sales reps – all of these team members can experience and weigh in on the effectiveness of the program.

After experiencing the program firsthand, together we can better prioritize your roll out plan, targeting regions and roles that are ready and likely to yield near-term results.


Throughout your pilot program, and for each subsequent training group, our unique system measures and reports how often your employees use specific tools and how effective they are at generating positive business results. For each group, we can see which common situations your employees are facing, which tools they are using to address them, and the business results achieved. You get hard, immediate results and discover new, repeatable behaviors that can be adopted as best practices throughout your entire organization.

Pilot program data may reveal which groups are likely to have the greatest immediate business impact and, therefore, may dictate roll out priorities. Throughout future roll outs, you and your participants are able to see the business impact generated from using the training toolkit and how this impact aligns with your company’s larger goals.

Refine & Refresh

Armed with data and input from each group, our team will fine-tune your training program. We’ll further customize for specific roles that we’re training moving forward. We’ll also have a full review with you, listening to your pilot program feedback and evaluating the measurements from the initial launch.

Should any major changes occur at your company, we can adapt your training. Our responsive program design ensures training is always relevant and delivered in a way that works best for your company.

Roll Out

Based on your priorities and goals, the final step in our proven client success process is rolling out training regionally or globally, with customer-facing and/or internal groups. Once you decide who you want to train, all GPT needs is participant email addresses and locations. Our turnkey global project management can cover everything from reserving venues and sending training invitations to printing materials and tracking participants. We are happy to coordinate with your learning and development team to make the program run smoothly.

As your employees become adept at peer coaching and we reach a critical mass of your workforce, the new, desired behaviors become self-reinforcing. At this point you will get the full benefits of unprecedented global action toward your strategic imperatives and business growth goals.

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