Engaging Up™ Certification


Shifting from Pitching to Engaging

Programs such as Value Selling or CXO Selling focus on convincing customers of the value provided by the supplier’s products and services. Ultimately this is a supplier-focused approach in which the sales person is positioning or ‘pitching’ their solution to a decision maker on the basis of how effectively it addresses a customer’s problem or need. Engaging Up™ takes an entirely different perspective – a customer perspective. Engaging Up™ enables participants to create trusted partner relationships at all levels of the organization (CXO to department manager) by creating business dialogues with customers.


Rigorous Training Program Spanning 3-4 Months

The Engaging Up™ program lasts 3-4 months and includes realistic case studies and role plays. Participants are put in high-pressure simulations that mirror their experiences in the real world. After applying new Engaging Up™ tools and techniques, participants work on concrete action plans that they apply in their daily work. Over several months of application in the field, participants receive coaching from Engaging Up™ experts to support them in overcoming barriers and expanding on their successes.



A global service mindset and skill set is now a strategic imperative for technology companies. As a salesperson, this requires a substantial shift in the way you sell to your customers. Instead of convincing customers on the value of your products and services, you need to show them how you can create more value for, and with, them.

Individuals and organizations that implement Engaging Up™ do 3 things:

  1. Profile – Identify and develop relationships with the right decision makers and influencers far in advance of negotiation.
  2. Build Bridges – Understand how your products, services, and solutions can help your customer achieve their desired business outcomes.
  3. Engage – Demonstrate how your customers can measure the impact of your solution on their business outcomes.



All certified participants have demonstrated Engaging Up™ skills they developed over 3-4 months in a final certification report that highlights a particular challenge, their approach and quantifiable business results achieved for both their customer and their own organization.

Typical results include:

For GE Healthcare

  • Reduction in Sales Cycle
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Opportunities
  • Reduced Costs

For GE Healthcare Customers

  • Time Savings
  • Cost Savings
  • Revenue Opportunities

For sales teams who can create quantifiable value and transform relationships with customers, look for those certified in Engaging Up™.