Getting Results


Gain measurable value from our customer relationship training programs

It’s important to us that you get maximum demonstrable ROI for your training investment. We’re continually raising the bar on the effectiveness of our programs by using the best training methods available and the most advanced ways to measure their impact.

Over the years, we’ve identified five key components that, together, ensure you are getting results for your training investment.

Getting Results for Your Training InvestmentCustomization

Designing a program that delivers results starts with asking the right questions: What do you really care about? What are your big picture goals? What are your service metrics? We’ll drill down into what you truly want to achieve, such as generating revenue, reducing response times, understanding your customer’s needs, or creating more value for your customers.

Once we understand what you want to get out of training, we’ll customize the program to your industry, your company, and the roles you want to train. Based on interviews with your people, we develop role-play scenarios and case studies that match the important situations your employees face each day, resulting in high engagement by training participants and immediate on-the-job impact.

Localization of business trainingLocalization

The rules of effective—and even appropriate—communication vary greatly by region and country. That’s why our certified facilitators not only speak the local language, they also have deep industry-specific expertise that allows them to tailor the program delivery to address both cultural nuance and unique workplace challenges.

Participants who practice skills through role-playing are able to speak as they would on the job and receive the targeted feedback needed to effectively apply program tools in their jobs. GPT translates workshop materials into local languages as needed.

Embedding business trainingEmbedding

Here’s the reality: It takes more than one day to change behaviors. Our mid- and long-form programs are designed to ensure participants understand our toolkit and know how to apply it in actual situations they face on a daily basis. Eighty percent of live workshop time is spent interacting with cases and practicing our tools. This extensive application gives participants the confidence needed to use new skills in real-world situations.

Behaviors learned in face-to-face workshops are reinforced and sustained by e-learning, in-the-field action plan implementation, and interactive coaching sessions. This process allows participants to share with one another the tools they’ve tried and the results achieved with their customers. Facilitators and peers provide the motivation and support needed to continue applying skills on the job with impact.

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Measuring Results of TrainingMeasurement

Using the best third-party reporting system available, we take a baseline measurement at the beginning of each program that shows how effectively your employees are using a specific skill. We continue to track your employees’ improvement as the program progresses.

As the formal program concludes, the link between adoption of relationship skills and business impact is elicited via a case study exercise in which each participant demonstrates how using the tools contributed to the achieved results. You get detailed quantitative as well as qualitative reporting, and you can see how the dots are connecting with each successive training group.

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Certified Customer Relationship TrainingCertification

Each program has its own set of certification criteria that require each participant to apply the toolkit on their job and generate business results. When participants use a tool, it often transforms their relationships with their customers. Participants, who are required to describe customer responses, are also coached to understand and capture the numbers that back up their business impact.

A fundamental shift happens when participants go through the certification process. Prior to training, they might not think their day-to-day actions could, for example, generate a revenue opportunity. After training, participants make the connection between their actions, their customer relationships, and business results. Your employees are rewarded with transformed relationships and heightened effectiveness at work and beyond, and they receive a tangible certificate of achievement.