Medical device sales training designed to create new relationships and sales opportunities

Medical Device Sales Training Program

Medical Device Sales Training Program

Customer Relationship Training for Medical Device Sales

Improving patient interactions at every touch point is at the top of any healthcare organization’s strategic goals. It’s a challenge compounded by limited time, constrained resources and the demands of remote communication.

To address these issues, your medical device sales team needs to practice positive interpersonal behaviors to fully understand and address the underlying issues facing healthcare providers and offer proactive solutions.

The right customer training can embed and reinforce the skills and approaches that will enable your team to apply these techniques for every unique customer.

Challenges Faced by Medical Device Sales Representatives

  • A “traditional” sales approach can alienate customers in the healthcare sector and fail to alleviate many of their existing challenges.
    — Your sales team needs to be able to develop relationships in order to efficiently identify your customers’ pain points and suggest solutions that can address them.
  • Sales people face skeptical customers who are sensitive to costs, budget constraints and the demands of an increasingly volatile industry.
    — Your sales team has to be able to determine the differences between every healthcare provider to take an individualized approach with each to identify their specific needs.
  • The medical field is a highly regulated industry, which limits not only how your team can reach out to providers, but also the tools they can use and claims they can make.
    — Your sales team reps should have the resources and the skills to stay updated on the latest medical sales regulations so that they speak to the latest industry developments while avoiding fines or sanctions.
  • The rise in virtual and tele-health services have fundamentally changed how health care providers interact with their patients — and how they communicate with salespeople.
    — Your sales team has to strengthen their interpersonal skills to work in virtual spaces, enabling them to apply proven strategies in all environments.

Medical Device Sales Training Program Outcomes

  • Unlock dialogue with senior executives on their biggest challenges to become a part of your customers’ decision-making inner circle.
  • Empower your key sales and customer-facing team members with high-value relationship-building skills and strategies.
  • Expand your business with proven sales strategies that deliver measurable ROI.
  • Position your organization to prioritize “customer success” in ways that set you apart from your competition.
  • Understand how to profile key decision-makers to address their most important challenges, independent of your product portfolio.
  • Gain trust and build rapport by being able to learn, see, analyze and articulate your customers’ challenges in their terms.
  • Learn to add value at every turn and point of contact, gaining new status with your customers as a true business partner.
  • Build longer, stronger, trusted partner relationships with your customers to achieve higher customer lifetime value.

Our Medical Device Sales Training Program

Engaging Up™ – Global Partners Training


Engaging Up

The medical device sales training course that teaches your team to STOP SELLING and START ENGAGING to win trusted partner access to the decision-making inner circle.

Learning to Profile
Learning to Profile
Deep focus on the people who can make things happen
Building Bridges
Building Bridges
Develop deep knowledge from the customer’s perspective
Engaging as a Solver
Engaging as a Solver
Add value to customer challenges independent of your product/service portfolio



Service generated revenue opportunities



Hours of customer escalations avoided



Hours of employee bandwidth improvements




Cost savings

2 Format Options for Your Training Program

You get the ultimate in flexibility with GPT training programs. For each of our industry-leading customer relationship training programs, you can choose between two robust, complementary formats — blended or virtual.

Core knowledge and skill components are the same across both formats, and programs are delivered via: live training led by experienced facilitators (onsite and/or virtual); self-paced e-learning modules; peer coaching and optional individual coaching sessions; and individualized project work and role-play exercises tailored to real company challenges and opportunities.

Blended Format

Distinguished by an impressive track record of building next-generation customer relationship skills that hold the potential to transform your business, our time-tested blended training programs include both face-to-face and virtual components. Notable features of this format: Your team members are “in the room” with the instructor and fellow students. Full-day immersion. Flexibility to shift from blended mode to full virtual mode as conditions change.


Virtual Format

Companies seeking fully virtual training options will want to explore our 100% virtual format. Virtual programs use interactive instructor-led webinars and self-service e-learning modules to lead participants on an exciting learning journey down parallel knowledge and skill tracks. Notable features: Smaller class sizes. Minimal time out of the field. Improved virtual communication skills. Convenience. Potential cost savings.


Featured Healthcare Clients

GE Healthcare in Europe was looking for a change in mindset from the typical day‐to‐day sales approach to one that would de-emphasize “selling” to executives and instead focus on engaging them.

GE Healthcare collaborated with Global Partners Training to create Engaging with the C‐Suite, a customized version of GPT’s Engaging Up™ program. This GE Healthcare account manager training program emphasizes key skills needed to effectively engage with hospital CXOs

GR Healthcare case study

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