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Global Partners Training Adds Digital Micro-learning with Carli™ App

Global Partners Training is pleased to announce the release of its new digital Micro-learning capabilities deployed via Carli™ app, a responsive digital learning platform. The new suite of content, which we expect to expand steadily over time, contains video learning modules, readings, quizzes and other Micro-learning exercises in a desktop and mobile-friendly format.

What is Micro-learning? According to industry expert Axonify, Micro-learning is defined as, “An approach to training that delivers content in short, focused bites. To be effective, microlearning must fit naturally into the daily workflow, engage employees in voluntary participation, be based in brain science (how people actually learn), adapt continually to ingrain the knowledge employees need to be successful, and ultimately drive behaviors that impact specific business results.”

This approach to learning is consistent with GPT’s proven Embedding process, which is likewise focused on ensuring permanent behavior change. Says Partner Paul Hesselschwerdt, “The initial reaction of users to the Micro-learning modules has been very positive. Participants in our regular training programs can access a helpful reminder toolkit in-the-moment, such as to prepare themselves mentally just before just before facing a difficult situation at a customer facility. They can also watch videos and do exercises in between our coaching sessions and use an enhanced toolkit for ongoing reinforcement.”

Initially the new Micro-learning modules are based on the 3 shifts that frame GPT’s flagship Total Customer Focus™ program, Shift One: Being Proactive, Shift Two: Getting to Real Needs and Shift Three: Reaching Balanced Outcomes, and the tools that enable each shift. In addition to learning and skills reinforcement videos, each module includes readings, application templates, quizzes and checklists that support on-going embedding of new skills in the field.

A hallmark of Global Partners Training programs is the deliberate linking of relationship and business skills to targeted business outcomes and the regular measurement of personal progress and business outcomes. Through Carli™ app, the digital platform housing all of the Micro-learning content, program participants are able to view their personal progress, and facilitators and managers have a view to take helpful corrective action when a participant isn’t making progress on his personal action plan.

GPT Partner Ozzie Ayscue emphasizes, “We take the ultimate Certification of participants very seriously. We know that when we hold the bar high for participants and work with client management to lead each of your learners to Certification standards, everyone wins – the participants, our clients, customers of our clients, and ultimately our training franchise. With better real-time engagement and better tracking, we expect new digital tools will become a very important part of your blended relationship training programs.”

To learn more or to arrange a demonstration of our new Micro-learning capabilities, please contact us.

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