Turnkey Global Deployment


We are your reliable training partner

When we say turnkey, we mean turnkey. Our team is experienced at deploying proven global training and development programs for large multinational companies.

While we work closely with your internal learning and development departments, we are capable of handling all logistics related to our training programs from start to finish. Once we have participants’ email addresses, we can take it from there so you can get back to your other training and business objectives.

Global Training and Development ProgramsProject Management

Our project management team handles all the logistics of your training program, anywhere in the world. We schedule training, send reminders, produce materials, and will even book training venues and hotels if needed. During the program, we track participant attendance and can coordinate with your in-house systems as desired.

All we need from you is program support and promotion that encourage your participants to attend. In our experience, clients who make training mandatory realize better results, faster.

Global Training and Development CompanyLocal coordination

Once we know the locations where your employees need training, we’ll work with our local teams to handle any on-the-ground logistics. Our facilitators are former industry executives who speak the local languages and are embedded in the cultures.

Our facilitators may act as local coordinators, arranging the training venue if needed and ensuring all materials are printed and ready to go for your training. While there may be central coordination of a global program, GPT can also provide regional or local contacts.

Global Training and Development StrategiesSoftware support

For our e-learning and online coaching sessions, we provide the support needed for smooth training. We also handle all the data capture, surveys, action plans, and final case studies through our third-party measurement program.

While we typically manage participant tracking, including attendance, participation, and certification, we can also work with your learning and development department to ensure our processes mesh with your internal learning management systems.