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We know what it’s like to stand in your shoes

As former executives from service divisions of multinational high-technology companies, we understand the challenges of having hundreds or thousands of sales, product, and field service employees deployed around the globe. And because we have a deep understanding of your industry and employee roles, we can better customize our programs to meet your specific needs.

Whether you are a senior leader, learning and development professional, or a potential program participant, the best way to understand the benefits of customer relationship training programs for you and your organization is to experience it for yourself. Talk with us about your goals and we can recommend first steps.

Benefits of Customer Relationship Training ProgramsSponsor/Senior Leader

Whether you want to set a benchmark for customer experience, integrate acquisitions or workforces, or change corporate culture, we see it as our job to realize your vision.

We also want to ensure our training results in measurable business impact based on your specific objectives. For some companies, that may be generating $100 million in new revenue; for others it may be reducing time spent on escalations by 20%. Talk with us about your vision and we can show you how we’ve helped other companies with similar goals achieve success.

Importance of Customer Relationship TrainingLearning & Development Professional

Are people really going to adopt these new behaviors? Do these tools work? Can you handle our capacity? Do you really customize training? Is this the most efficient way to train? We hear these questions a lot, and since many of us have worked on the buy-side of corporate learning and development, we understand your healthy skepticism.

Proven core programs, customization to your business and your people, and our well-honed embedding process ensure that you get results from our programs. Our third-party measurement system enables you to connect the dots between our training and your bottom line. And with full programs, multi-company workshops, and mini workshops in our arsenal, we will work with you to fit the solution to your business goals and your capacity to invest. Talk with us about your training needs and we can share options for meeting them.

Purpose of Customer Relationship TrainingParticipant

This isn’t your “been there, done that” training. Once you’re in a GPT program, you realize this isn’t like other training, and you are supported every step of the way. Case studies, role-playing, and coaching are all tailored to situations you face every day. By spending the majority of the program practicing new skills, you see their immediate impact. You also receive the feedback needed to hone your skills and gain the confidence to use them on your job.

Participants tell us all the time that training has made a difference not only in the way they approach their professional lives but their personal lives, too. Experience it for yourself.