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Baker Hughes’ Digital Transformation Journey

Carlos Gomez, Regional Services Director for North America at Digital Solutions, a division of Baker Hughes, was interviewed on the Future of Field Service podcast. On this podcast episode, Carlos takes you through the digital transformation journey that Baker Hughes has been on, including their partnership with Global Partners Training and the important role that Total Customer Focus™ service training has had in the process.

As Carlos succinctly puts it:

AI will be an enabler. It will help us get to success faster. But that human aspect, that empathy aspect as you mentioned, is going to be tantamount to making sure that we deliver what really that customer needs to get to. And that intelligence that we as humans have to figure out and listen to; what’s this customer’s real pain point and let me think about how I can solve it for them.

You can listen to this podcast episode below. If you are considering, or have already started, the digital transformation of your organization, please feel free to contact us to learn more about the results that our clients have achieved by implementing Total Customer Focus™ service training.




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