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Becoming Customer Focused: The Field Service Opportunity

This 30-minute, interview-style webinar was recorded on April 3, 2019, and is available for viewing at the speed of your choice by clicking the video link below.


In this interview, moderated by David Sanderson, Senior Principal at Global Partners Training, you will learn how Coherent Inc., a world leader in lasers and laser-based technology for scientific, commercial and industrial customers and a training client of GPT for the past 2 years, is building trusted partner relationships with customers by improving the behaviors and skills of their front-line Field Service organization.

Chris Kunzmann, Head of Global Field Service Marketing at Coherent Inc., offers insight such as, “…in our commercial sector we have thousands of customers and those service engineers represent the most direct face time we get with those customers. Those represent amazing opportunities, but also they are so critical to understanding the customers. They are dealing with customers in their most painful situations and we want to make sure they are listening and being empathetic and feeding back that stuff to the organization.”

Chris further reflects and answers the following questions and more…

  • What motivated you to change and improve your Field Service organization?
  • What are your vision and mission for service at Coherent?
  • How have your customers responded to the new Total Customer Focus behaviors of your Field Service Engineers?
  • What has been the quantitative impact* on your customers in terms of time and cost savings?
  • What do your Field Service Engineers say about the Total Customer Focus program?
  • What has been the quantitative impact* on Coherent in terms on new revenue opportunities, reduced escalations, time and cost savings?
  • What has been Coherent management’s overall take on Coherent’s experience with the Total Customer Focus program and the advisability of this type of training?

*Note: All data presented in this webinar is self-reported and aggregated from individual case studies submitted by the first 120 Field Service Engineers trained in the US, Europe and Asia over a 15-month period.


Click on the video below to begin watching. You may vary your listening speed by clicking the Settings wheel in the lower-right area of the video.


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