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Manufacturing and Industrial Sales Training

Manufacturing and Industrial Sales Training

Your Manufacturing & Industrial Sales Challenges

When it comes to the manufacturing and industrial industries, relationships are everything. In today’s market, smart organizations know that sales and service are no longer mutually exclusive. Both play critical roles in new and lasting partnerships, and your industrial sales training courses should reflect this revelation at every level.

Such a seismic shift in strategy and approach does not come without its challenges. Whether you are attracting new customers or reinforcing and reinvigorating your current customer base, there are some key touchpoints you will need to address on some level in all of your industrial sales training courses. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Exemplary service as an effective sales tool
  • A heightened emphasis on customer success
  • Delivering a more personalized customer experience
  • Trust and transparency in all customer relationships
  • The industry-wide move to servitization
  • The transition to a IaaS/PaaS/SaaS/XaaS model
  • The rise of remote and contactless service

So while your competitors are probably still focused on the singular strategy of price competition, Global Partners Training (GPT) will help you educate your manufacturing sales and service teams to establish lasting relationships that will not only be visible and beneficial to your customers, but also to your bottom line.


Our Manufacturing & Industrial Sales Training Solutions

Because your customers’ needs are constantly changing, your manufacturing and industrial sales approach needs to evolve right with them. As sales trends suggest, relationship training for manufacturing and industrial companies empower your field service employees and traditional sales associates to become what they may never have been before — trusted business partners. And as a well-informed confidant, recommendations are more thoughtfully considered, new sales opportunities emerge, and you will start to see how industrial sales training can positively affect your short- and long-term growth.

It gets better. GPT’s industrial sales training courses are run by former operating and sales executives, so you know the curriculum is going to be immediately relevant to your team. We understand how to keep your employees engaged, and we do this by delivering customized, relevant training program strategies that fit your industrial-specific goals.

Discover the Benefits of Manufacturing & Industrial Sales Training

GPT customizes your industrial sales training courses to fit your specified educational and sales goals. We accomplish this through three primary strategies to help you succeed:

Total Customer Focus™

Empower your workforce with GPT’s Total Customer Focus for industrial sales teams to develop lasting relationships with your customer base through ongoing discovery.


Engaging Up™

Learn how to evolve from “building a case” for your industrial products and services to our “building a bridge” methodology that will connect current customer challenges with innovative solutions.


Strategic Account Alignment™

Discover the empowering tools of Strategic Account Alignment that will enable your account management team to create new insights, establish a shared vision with your customers, and execute collaborative strategies to achieve significant goals.


Boosting Your Bottom Line with Expanded Sales Training

GPT’s manufacturing sales training programs yield the best possible return on investment. As part of our method for mapping and tracking training success, we use five key components to ensure you are getting maximum results:

  1. Customization – We’ll ask about your specific goals and conduct in-depth interviews with your employees to ensure content is relevant, keeps them engaged, and makes an immediate impact.
  2. Localization – Our manufacturing and industrial experts tailor your training based on culture intricacies and locale-specific workplace challenges to accommodate every region and country around the globe.
  3. Embedding – In-person workshops are complemented by ongoing e-Learning, in-the-field action plans, and interactive webinar sessions.
  4. Measurement – By measuring skill adoption, business outcomes and causality, we ensure your team is getting the results you want both during the training program and long afterwards.
  5. Certification – Employees are rewarded with increased manufacturing knowledge, lasting relationships, elevated productivity, and a tangible certificate of achievement.

Our Manufacturing & Industrial Sales Training Clients

"This was a tough assignment. Global Partners Training worked closely with us to create a customized course, beta test it, improve it, do it again, improve it and do it again until we got it right. It has been a very valuable way to help our company learn the value of up-front business case analysis in product creation."

Dr. Andrew Cook, Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence & Innovation, AREVA (Now Orano)

"This training was very useful to help me identify some of the issues with the most difficult part of my job: the communication with all different stakeholders."

Guus, EU Field Service Engineer, ASML

"ST people come into the program with a strong knowledge of and commitment to the customer. However, the program experience forces people to think outside their own area and across the customer and ST’s global organization. For me this is the biggest benefit from the program: the alignment and commitment of people."

Guy, Former Program Manager and Head of the Institute of Sales and Marketing at STMicroelectronics

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