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Leveraging Service to Drive New Revenue

Over the last few years, we have seen companies expand their thinking about revenue growth to include field service as a new source of revenue. Carlos Gomez, North America VP of Sales for Bently Nevada, a division of Baker Hughes was one such business leader who appreciated that his field service people could be a significant source for revenue growth.

For one thing, Carlos knew that service people interacted with customers far more frequently than anyone else in the company, including sales. Not only that, but the nature of those transactions was about creating value for customers by helping, advising, and solving customers’ problems. This led to high-trust relationships that were unique and incredibly valuable, both to the customer and to Baker Hughes. The challenge for Carlos and many other service leaders was how to leverage those high-accessibility and high-trust relationships to grow the business.

Read our article on Leveraging Service to Drive New Revenue, published in Field Technologies Online, to learn how Carlos enabled his service people to leverage their special relationships with customers.

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