Ozzie Ayscue

Cambridge, MA • San Francisco, CA, USA

Ozzie is a growth-minded investor and business executive who began his career in Corporate Finance at Morgan Stanley in New York. He has held founding and owner/executive roles with companies in a wide variety of B2B and consumer industries including technology managed services, direct marketing, tourism marketing, beverage logistics and publishing, with an overarching theme of bringing businesses into the digital age and raising the bar on quality, customer service and profitability. At Global Partners Training Ozzie spearheads digital and other global growth initiatives.

A North Carolina native and graduate of Stanford Business School, UNC-Chapel Hill and Phillips Exeter Academy, Ozzie currently lives in Seacoast New Hampshire - Boston area (mostly) and San Francisco (occasionally). He has taught at the Peter T. Paul School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire, coached a lot of youth sports and is an avid cyclist, kayaker and tennis player. He has served many non-profits as an active board member and currently serves as President of the Board of Governors of The American Independence Museum.

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