Tech Sector Sales Training

Tech sales training to help you win bigger deals and build stronger relationships

Tech sales training to help you win bigger deals and build stronger relationships

Customer Relationship Training for Tech Sector Sales


If your sales team is to outperform the competition, then it is imperative that they provide value to your clients that goes beyond simple selling.

By proposing solutions that meet your customers’ most urgent needs, including ones that aren’t obvious, your team will be able to form lasting relationships that win loyalty and increase revenue.

The right technology sales training can help your teams see things from your customer’s perspective, and enables them to be helpful, even when the priorities have nothing to do with the products you are offering.

Challenges Faced by Tech Sector Sales Representatives


  • No other industry changes as rapidly as the technology sector, resulting in increased competition within the tech space, including from lower-priced, off-shore providers.
    — Your sales team has to know how to win loyalty with existing customers and establish relationships with potential customers.
  • Tech purchases, especially large ones, require a long and uncertain sales cycle which is often sandwiched in between other projects and subject to delays.
    — Your sales team needs the skills and knowledge to accurately anticipate the buying/implementation window and take effective action.
  • Increased mergers and acquisitions are disrupting and shrinking established sales channels and contacts while customers are hesitant to make purchases in a rapidly changing field.
    — Your sales team requires essential technology knowledge in addition to the ability to negotiate, follow-up, gain trust and communicate value.
  • The industry’s move toward products as a service (PaaS) is part of a larger shift toward account-based selling, which requires highly-personalized and high-touch selling efforts.
    — Your sales team must quickly recognize individual customer motivations and adapt their communication approach based on their unique circumstances.


Allow Global Partners Training’s proven sales training programs to help you address today’s tech sector sales challenges and take your tech sales team to new heights of success.

Tech Sector Sales Training Program Outcomes


Unlock dialogue with senior executives on their biggest challenges to become a part of your customer’s decision-making inner circle.

Empower your key sales and customer-facing team members with high-value relationship-building skills and strategies.

Expand your business with proven sales strategies that deliver measurable ROI.

Position your organization to prioritize “customer success” in ways that set you apart from your competition.


Understand how to profile key decision makers to address their most important challenges, independent of your product portfolio.

Gain trust and build rapport by being able to learn, see, analyze and articulate your customers’ challenges in their terms.

Learn to add value at every turn and point of contact, gaining new status with your customers as a true business partner.

Build longer, stronger, trusted-partner relationships with your customers to achieve higher customer lifetime value.


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Our Tech Sector Sales Training Program


Engaging Up™ – Global Partners Training

Engaging Up

The technology sales training course that teaches your team to STOP SELLING and START ENGAGING to win trusted partner access to the decision-making inner circle.

Learning to Profile
Learning to Profile
Deep focus on the people who can make things happen
Building Bridges
Building Bridges
Develop deep knowledge from the customer’s perspective
Engaging as a Solver
Engaging as a Solver
Add value to customer challenges independent of your product/service portfolio



Service generated revenue opportunities



Hours of customer escalations avoided



Hours of employee bandwidth improvements




Cost savings

2 Format Options for Your Training Program

You get the ultimate in flexibility with GPT training programs. For each of our industry-leading customer relationship training programs, you can choose between two robust, complementary formats — blended or virtual.

Core knowledge and skill components are the same across both formats, and programs are delivered via: live training led by experienced facilitators (onsite and/or virtual); self-paced e-learning modules; peer coaching and optional individual coaching sessions; and individualized project work and role-play exercises tailored to real company challenges and opportunities.


Blended Format

Distinguished by an impressive track record of building next-generation customer relationship skills that hold the potential to transform your business, our time-tested blended training programs include both face-to-face and virtual components. Notable features of this format: Your team members are “in the room” with the instructor and fellow students. Full-day immersion. Flexibility to shift from blended mode to full virtual mode as conditions change.


Virtual Format

Companies seeking fully virtual training options will want to explore our 100% virtual format. Virtual programs use interactive instructor-led webinars and self-service e-learning modules to lead participants on an exciting learning journey down parallel knowledge and skill tracks. Notable features: Smaller class sizes. Minimal time out of the field. Improved virtual communication skills. Convenience. Potential cost savings.




Featured Tech Sector Client


As one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, STMicroelectronics offers one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, serving customers across the broad spectrum of electronics applications.

ST came to GPT with the goal of substantially and quickly increasing the company’s share of key global accounts by creating and executing strategic global account plans.

The results included:

  • 20-80% increases in share of customers
  • 3-4x increases in revenue from some customers
  • New levels of customer partnership and collaboration

Read more in our full client success story



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ASML Field Service Training Program

ST case study

What our participants are saying

Total Customer Focus™ has been uniquely designed to help companies to really embed new behaviors and skill sets within a company’s customer interfacing teams. TCF will set up the culture you need to develop long lasting Trusted Business Partner relationships.
Tony Nazzaro, former VP Customer Service
    “This is a big change because if I just focused on the work, we could not get a reasonable outcome, and this was not good for our company and me. I started to think about any issue from the customer’s side and our company’s side to get a reasonable outcome.”
    Daekwon, Field Service Engineer, Asia location
      “This training was very useful to help me identify some of the issues with the most difficult part of my job: the communication with all different stakeholders. Although it is hard to implement the techniques we learned immediately, it is still an eye-opener, and it provides a lot of opportunities to improve in the coming year. Main takeaways for me are: Always listen, and you don’t have to always say something to get an answer, just waiting also works.”
      Guus, Field Service Engineer,
      EU location