TAUC Reminder Card

When you and your customer are engaged in a high-pressure situation, emotions are not only high for the customer: your emotions can also get in the way of getting to an effective and balanced solution as quickly as possible. In these situations, the way you communicate is critical to finding a solution and restoring confidence in the customer’s mind that you have the situation under control.

The TAUC technique is a tool that is taught in the Total Customer Focus™ program and is used when communicating with your customers during an intense pressure situation.

The TAUC reminder card will enable you to:

  • Understand the TAUC technique and how to implement it
  • Discover the Tools that can support you while implementing the TAUC technique
  • Avoid common pitfalls that people encounter when implementing the TAUC technique in the field
  • Learn the tips that people are using to successfully implement the TAUC technique in the field

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TAUC Reminder Card
What Users Are Saying
"Total Customer Focus™ has been uniquely designed to help companies to really embed new behaviors and skill sets within a company’s customer interfacing teams. TCF will set up the culture you need to develop long lasting Trusted Business Partner relationships."

Tony Nazzaro, former VP Customer Service at ASML

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TAUC Technique Use Cases

Here are some real-life scenarios where the TAUC technique resolved high-pressure customer interactions.

Want to effectively communicate with your customers during intense pressure situations?